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(Experiment 10) Pan seared salmon

I eat salmon once every week because it’s full of good stuff for the body, easy to make, and taste darn good. Now I hear too many people saying salmon is not good, tastes bad etc. So let’s get something straight here, you should not buy fish in a grocery. It’s just not fresh. Go to a fish shop. You will be surprised that there is not such a big price difference. You will also notice there are several kinds of salmons. My local place always has at least 3 different kinds.

Now that you have decent fish, you need to know how to cook it. The most basic and easiest technique is the pan-seared .

You need

  1. 1 salmon filet
  2. salt/pepper/whatever spices you want to put on it
  3. ~2 tbsp Avocado oil ( any frying oil will work)

Pstt try steak seasoning on salmon, It quite good


For this, you will need a stainless steel pan, sorry. If you don’t own stainless steel please see this post to get a primer

  1. Heat up the pan at medium-high heat, not max heat here but you want some good heat. When it’s hot* , put the oil in, immediately you should see it “swirling” in the hot pan.

    *When is the pan hot? With time you will know just putting your hand above, if not, wet your finger and dump a water droplet in the pan. If it swirls around and disappears it’s ready.

  2. While the pan heats up, prepare the salmon :
    1-Wash under cold water the fish
    2-Using paper towel, dry it
    3-Season the top of the fish
  3. Tip: if it’s a thick piece of filet you have, you can flip the fish over and do 1 or 2 cuts in the skin, maybe 1/4 inch deep. This will prevent the fish from curling but will also help cook the center of it.
  4. Pan is hot? Time to put the fish in the pan
  5. Put the fish in the pan with the skin on the top. The oil is clean so this will give a nice sear to the filet. After about 5 minutes, turn it over, skin on the bottom of the pan for about another 5 minutes. Note that you will need to adjust the cooking time to your taste ( medium or well-cooked ) but also the filet thickness, mine was over an inch thick and was cooked medium in the very center. That’s it, you flip it only once, don’t play with the fish.

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