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(Experiment 126) After eight mint chocolate

Funny enough, the recipe is mostly available on Wikipedia. The filling is made of sugar, water, and some enzyme, which make a thick paste that can be covered in chocolate easily. The enzyme then starts eating the sugar after 2-3 days and that’s what makes the filling liquid once you bite into it.

Well, I ain’t playing with enzyme but let’s try to pimp that chocolate anyway.

You need

  • 1cup icing sugar
  • 2-3tbsp water
  • 1/8tsp peppermint oil( food grade) or 1/2tsp peppermint extract
  • ~350g chocolate


  1. First, we need to temper the chocolate ( see how-to here). Use about 1/3 of the 350g
  2. Once you have tempered chocolate, pour it on parchment paper and spread it thinly using whatever tool you have on hand. The chocolate will cool rapidly so don’t try to make a perfect rectangle, just make it thin ( about 1/16″ no need to take the measuring tape out) . Take a knife and “draw/cut” line in the chocolate to make a square shape. Put it in the fridge for 10 minutes. 
  3. While you wait, start working the filling, put the icing sugar in a mixing bowl, add the peppermint oil and 2tbsp of water. Mix, it will likely be too thick, add a little more water until you get a creamy texture, you don’t want it too liquid so be careful. Depending on humidity or how “packed” the sugar is, you may need to add a tad more than an extra tbsp. Again, don’t add too much at once.
  4. Take the chocolate out, they should easily peel off the parchment paper and you have some nice tile. Remove the tiles and set them aside. All the leftover cut can be reused for the final coating 😉 
  5. Carefully spread some filling on each of the squares but avoid putting any on the edges. For the best result, I think using a pastry bag would do a much better job than using a spoon.
  6. Put in the freezer for 15 mins.
  7. You now need to temper some more chocolate for the final coating. Again, re-use all the leftover pieces and dump them in the bowl. Cant waste precious chocolate man
  8. Take the square out of the freezer and using a fork dip each one in the tempered chocolate, allowing excess to drip. Lay each square on parchment paper.

For shit and giggle, I even created the little pocket out of construction paper from the kids, they only had brown but hey that work

Under close supervision during art and craft

PS : Never give chocolate to a cat or dog, it can be lethal .

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