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(Experiment 135) Aero

Every Halloween, my kids go trick or treats around the neighborhood. When we come back I put my “Candy patrol” cap on and inspect all the candies to make sure there is nothing suspicious. To my surprise, one of their favorites is the Aero bar.

I’m personally not a fan of most milk chocolate but let’s see if we can pimp this up a little bit

For this you will need a gas cream whipper, mine has a capacity of 0.5L and I fill it to the max.

You need 

  • 4-500g tempered milk chocolate
  • ~300g tempered dark chocolate


**Note once you have filled the container, time is of the essence has the chocolate will start to cool off rapidly.

  1. First,¬† we need to temper our milk chocolate ( how-to here). Once there, fill your cream whipper with the chocolate, screw the lid on and charge it with 2 canisters of N2O. Shake the whipper for a minute and then invert the whipper and discharge the can into a container. Here I’m using a 7×7′ frame and it will give me a thickness of about 1/2′.
  2. Once cooled, cut it with a knife into a square shape; or whichever shape you desire. I like to do it while it’s still not 100% set and slice it with a paring knife. If it’s fully set you may break it a little bit when trying to cut it down.
  3. Temper your dark chocolate and dip each piece of the frosted milk chocolate in.

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