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(Experiment 223) Pizza flour

 Last week I posted a new recipe for cold fermentation with mixed success. No matter if I let it proof longer or modify the % of water, it would give more or less the same result. A weak pizza 🙁
So I kept telling myself, I must have done something wrong and just retry with less water or using a different recipe. Ultimately failing each time

So what’s going but more importantly how can I avoid all those fails?

The type of flour you use has a HUGE impact on the quality of the dough. If you do Roman/Neapolitan pizza style, you want to use Tipo 00 flour. For American style, standard bread flour work fine. So what’s Tipo00 ??

Tipo00 refers to the fineness of the grain when milled.

Ok simple enough. WAIT! Not all Tipo00 flour was created equals. Unfortunately, most bags don’t reveal the % of protein content in the whey. The higher the number the better it will be for long fermentation.

Weak pizza with sparse air pocket due to low protein content in flour

For 48-72 hours fermentation the recommended protein content is 14.5%
For 24-48 hours fermentation the recommended protein content is 13%
For 2-8 hours fermentation, anything with 11-12.5% will work

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